The WEEE Directive aims to:

1. Reduce the waste arising from electrical
and electronic equipment; and

2. Improve the environmental
performance of all those involved in
the life cycle of electrical and
electronic products.
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PV waste management under European WEEE legislation

Following the publication of the latest revision of the EU waste legislation, Producers of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels have become responsible for the disposal and recycling of the modules they sell in a or more EU Member States.

This website aims at explaining the legal implications of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) for the photovoltaic sector, offering a wealth of information and resources for everyone interested in the disposal and recycling of photovoltaic modules in the European Union.
Please be aware that WEEE does not cover the disposal and recycling of solar thermal panels and hence the topic is not covered on this website.
The disposal and recycling of solar inverters from photovoltaic installations is also not covered here.

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Collection & Recycling

Discover the technologies and
possibilities to treat PV waste
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Who requires compliance

Are you a panel producer?
Remember you must now ensure
take-back and recycling
of your panels
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Waste management programs

WEEE will be implemented in
different ways across Europe.
Learn about the new ways
to process solar waste
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Compliance Inspector

See which companies are compliant.

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